I think most of us can agreed what the basic needs of a child are- food, education, health care etc some things are written in law others are not such as love and attention! Children are a product of their environment and have no say in almost any aspect of their lives. It does not just take parents to raise a child, it also takes extended family and the community. If you cannot offer a child all of their basic needs then seek support even if it means the child is removed from the home. We cannot and must not be looking into the eyes of any more pictures of beautiful innocent children after they have been tortured and killed by those who are supposed to love and care for them. I’m as heart broken as all of you. As kind caring parents we would be incensed if police or a social worker turned up at the door to investigate potential abuse. HOWEVER, I would rather that than one more child die! Be kind always 💞 There were so many failings in the case of little Arthur so let’s hope the right lessons can be learned from this and it NEVER happens again