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Welfare Benefits Service

As a recognised Department for Work and Pension (DWP) Alternative Office, we provide information on your eligibility and entitlement to benefits, council tax and housing costs, payment of benefits and problems with benefits administration. Our team will complete full benefits checks, complete any necessary application forms, complete reconsideration requests and if necessary provide a full appeals service, including representation at tribunal hearings. Last year, this service raised over £850,000 in previously unclaimed benefits.

Additional income received from successful welfare benefit claims can make an enormous difference to your independence and quality of life. Extra income could be utilised to help pay for care, pay for transport, additional support at home, meet the rising costs of energy bills or simply help to make ends meet.

To find out more about maximising your income and making sure you are in receipt of your full entitlements, please get in touch.

Tel: 01639 617333