Adolescents Who Sexually Offend

Adolescents Who Sexually Offend

Learning Outcomes

  • Distinguish between healthy and harmful sexual behaviours in adolescents

  • Understand the impact on family dynamics

  • Gain knowledge about why adolescents sexually offend

  • Gain knowledge of assessment and treatment

  • Understand how to manage risk and supervision

Full Day Course.

“It is a very difficult subject and I thought it was going to make me uncomfortable, however we have to face this, accept it happens and deal with both the victims, parents and children who are sex abusers”

Adolescents who sexually offend

A specialised full day course that is suitable for family support workers, youth workers, social workers, police officers and specialist education.

It is very difficult for many people to comprehend that a child could sexually assault another child. Often these children are thought of as innately evil and have psychopathic tendencies. Initial discoveries are often dealt with inappropriately or not at all; particularly by families who feel they can deal with it themselves. Children abusing children is not a new modern day society issue and like any other child abuse it has always been there. This kind of abuse has not attracted as much research as is really need. There are very few treatment programs and child perpetrators are usually treated on and individual basis by leading psychological therapists.  The training targets police officers, social workers, family support workers, foster carers and child workers in the criminal justice system. If you need something specific to your profession then please contact us for a consultation.

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