Child Protection

Learning Outcomes

  • Gain an understanding of the areas of abuse

  • Be able to recognise possible signs and symptoms of abuse

  • Gain awareness of the legal frameworks that govern child protection

  • Understand legal/moral obligations to report suspicions or evidence of child abuse

  • Be aware of the referral process for reporting child abuse

  • Know how to respond/record effectively to disclosures of child abuse

  • Understand what happens following a disclosure

  • Understand limitations of professional responsibilities

Full Day Course.

“The nature of my role means that I have to attend refresher child protection courses every 3 years. I have worked in child protection for nearly twenty years so you can imagine how many courses I have done. This I have to say was one of the best ones and it was brilliant that we got to discuss and review case studies which I think is very good practical support especially for people new to child protection.”

June Lewis (family support practitioner)

Do you know your moral and legal obligations to protect children against abuse and neglect? Would you recognise if a child was being abuses. If you need a refresher or need to know more then this course could help you.

We all have a responsibility to protect the children in our communities. They don’t have to be ours or a member of the family; they could be children we work with or even our neighbours children. Children who are being abused often keep this hidden right up to teenage years or adulthood. If we ask adults why they did not disclose this abuse as a child most often the response id ‘No one asked me’. We cant always expect children to disclose the abuse that they experience but we can pick up on cues from them to ask the most relevant questions. Remember, if you are asking the question be prepared for the response from the child and most importantly know how to respond appropriately.  YOU may be the only person they trust to tell

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