Eating Disorders

Learning Outcomes

  • Gain Knowledge of Eating disorders- signs and symptoms

  • Understanding the effects.

  • Discuss stereo types of eating disorders

  • Diagnosis, treatment and recovery

  • Treatment and the law

  • Gain knowledge of support services

Full Day Course

“This was a very emotive topic as I suffer with an eating disorder, there was a lot of emotion in the whole room but I have learned it is more common than I thought and no two stories are the same”

Rachel C.
Eating Disorders image

Full day course suitable for anyone who is likely to come across a child or adult who has an eating disorder or works with families of sufferers.

Many people have a misconception that an eating disorder is about food when in fact it falls into the mental health bracket. To understand it we have to look at the deep rooted cause. There could be more that one reason that causes this illness to develop. Onset of this kind of mental health could be due to a trauma or it may be because of a weight related issue. This training helps us break down many of the stereo types and looks at some of the support we can offer as individuals. Much like lots of other services individuals often find themselves fighting for public service support.

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