Understanding Self Harm

Understanding Self Harm

Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding what self harm is

  • Gain knowledge of methods self-harmers use

  • Be able to recognise possible signs and symptoms of self harm

  • Examine responses to self harm

  • Gain knowledge about where to go for help and support

Full Day Course.

“I am a foster carer who looked after a teenage boy who self harmed. He pulled at his hair until he created bald patches. We kept his hair very short which helped a little bit. He wore a baseball hat in class to try and hide it and it would get him into a lot of trouble. After this course we are going to look at other ways to try and help him and try to work with and educate the school about what he is going through. It is going to effect his education if the hat is a constant source of conflict. Thank you for this course it has been very useful and helped us understand a lot more. You never think about children self harming but apparently it is quite common.”


Self harm is a compulsion and not something an individual can just stop doing. This is an anxiety disorder linked to mental health.

Self harming is a complex issue and like most mental health disorders can manifest due to many reasons. When someone is extremely anxious this can be a trigger for the self harming behaviour. Self harming is often done in private and will go to great lengths to hide it from the people around them. When it is discovered people are so shocked that they don’t know how to deal with the issue especially if they are a close friend or a family member. Lets talk about this so that people who suffer feel they can open up and get the help and support they so greatly need.

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